Reopening Haverhill Schools: Challenges and Possibilities

On May 27th the Haverhill Education Coalition conducted an online panel discussion on reopening Haverhill Public Schools (HPS). Panelists included Dr. Margaret Marotta, HPS Superintendent, Katie Vozeolas, Director of HPS Nursing and Health Services, HPS, and Anthony Parolisi, President of the Haverhill Education Association (teachers union). This event provided an opportunity for serious public discussion of the difficult choices facing Haverhill and other school districts looking to move back from distance learning to in-school education. A video of the 98-minute discussion is posted here on Facebook.  The event presentation slides identify some of the reopening issues facing schools and include charts on COVID-19 in our local eastern Massachusetts area. The presentation is available here:  HEC Reopening Haverhill Schools 2020-05-27

This type of public discussion is important for communities facing difficult public choices about education and public health. Broad understanding and participation is needed from students, parents, teachers, staff, and taxpayers, because all be asked to share in sacrifices for our system of public education to continue its important role in preparing our next generation for the future.