MCAS 2018

Most Haverhill schools are near or above the state average in 2018 student growth

The Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System (MCAS) provides measures of student academic achievement and growth in English Language Arts (ELA) and Math for all tested Massachusetts public school students. Achievement scores provide a measure of the level of student performance based on a scaled score or percentile. Student growth percentiles (SGPs) provide a measure of student improvement from the previous year relative to the growth of other similar students statewide. We focus here on SGPs for grades 3 to 8. At the school level, SGP measures can be useful as a “value-added” measure of school performance as it measures how much students on average have improved rather than the level of achievement.

We start by looking at the relationship between achievement levels and growth percentiles (SGPs) for Haverhill school for grades using the Next Generation MCAS. In the slide below we see all Haverhill Schools except Bradford Elementary fall below the state average for achievement. However all of these except Hunking and Golden Hill schools are near or above the state average in student growth percentiles.

Student MCAS Achievement and Growth by School, ELA and Math Combined